The Jailhouse was introduced on June 13, 2013 as the fifth Global Property. The Jailhouse makes Henchmen and you can build a new Henchmen every 18 hours.

The Jailhouse has fifteen levels and makes more powerful Henchmen each time you upgrade a level.

Building MaterialEdit

Building CostEdit

Level Items Collect
1 Item innersteel 01 x2
2 Item barbedwire 01 x2, Item electricalfence 01 x2, Item granitebricks 01 x2, Item prisonbars 01 x2, Item searchlight 01 x2 Item innersteel 01 x4
3 Item barbedwire 01 x3, Item electricalfence 01 x3, Item granitebricks 01 x3, Item prisonbars 01 x3, Item searchlight 01 x3 Item innersteel 01 x6
4 Item barbedwire 01 x4, Item electricalfence 01 x4, Item granitebricks 01 x4, Item prisonbars 01 x4, Item searchlight 01 x4 Item innersteel 01 x8
5 Item barbedwire 01 x5, Item electricalfence 01 x5, Item granitebricks 01 x5, Item prisonbars 01 x5, Item searchlight 01 x5 Item innersteel 01 x10
6 Item barbedwire 01 x6, Item electricalfence 01 x6, Item granitebricks 01 x6, Item prisonbars 01 x6, Item searchlight 01 x6 Item innersteel 01 x12
7 Item barbedwire 01 x7, Item electricalfence 01 x7, Item granitebricks 01 x7, Item prisonbars 01 x7, Item searchlight 01 x7 Item innersteel 01 x14
8 Item barbedwire 01 x8, Item electricalfence 01 x8, Item granitebricks 01 x8, Item prisonbars 01 x8, Item searchlight 01 x8 Item innersteel 01 x16
9 Item barbedwire 01 x9, Item electricalfence 01 x9, Item granitebricks 01 x9, Item prisonbars 01 x9, Item searchlight 01 x9 Item innersteel 01 x18
10 Item barbedwire 01 x10, Item electricalfence 01 x10, Item granitebricks 01 x10, Item prisonbars 01 x10, Item searchlight 01 x10 Item innersteel 01 x20
11 Item barbedwire 01 x11, Item electricalfence 01 x11, Item granitebricks 01 x11, Item prisonbars 01 x11, Item searchlight 01 x11 Item innersteel 01 x22
12 Item barbedwire 01 x12, Item electricalfence 01 x12, Item granitebricks 01 x12, Item prisonbars 01 x12, Item searchlight 01 x12 Item innersteel 01 x24
13 Item barbedwire 01 x13, Item electricalfence 01 x13, Item granitebricks 01 x13, Item prisonbars 01 x13, Item searchlight 01 x13 Item innersteel 01 x26
14 Item barbedwire 01 x14, Item electricalfence 01 x14, Item granitebricks 01 x14, Item prisonbars 01 x14, Item searchlight 01 x14 Item innersteel 01 x28
15 Item barbedwire 01 x15, Item electricalfence 01 x15, Item granitebricks 01 x15, Item prisonbars 01 x15, Item searchlight 01 x15 Item innersteel 01 x30
Total Item barbedwire 01 x119, Item electricalfence 01 x119, Item granitebricks 01 x119, Item prisonbars 01 x119, Item searchlight 01 x119


Name Where to Find
Item innersteel 01 Henchmen Gear Jobs, Fighting, Robbing, Shootout Arena and Collecting from your Jailhouse.
Item platesofpain 01 Plate of Pain Free Gifts


Level Item(s) Stats Building Price
Level 1 Item bloodpainter 01 Blood Painter Icon attack 16x1699 Icon defense 16x16170 Mw tournament icon atk def269 Item innersteel 01 x4
Level 2 Item mastersurgeon 01 Master Surgeon Icon attack 16x16170 Icon defense 16x1699 Mw tournament icon atk def269 Item innersteel 01 x6, Item platesofpain 01 x2
Level 3 Item safecracker 01 Safe Cracker Icon attack 16x16100 Icon defense 16x16171 Mw tournament icon atk def271 Item innersteel 01 x12, Item platesofpain 01 x4
Level 4 Item kleptomaniac 01 Kleptomaniac Icon attack 16x16171 Icon defense 16x16100 Mw tournament icon atk def271 Item innersteel 01 x18, Item platesofpain 01 x6
Level 5 Item streetpeddler 01 Street Peddler
+3 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16101 Icon defense 16x16172 Mw tournament icon atk def273 Item innersteel 01 x24, Item platesofpain 01 x6
Level 6 Item cook 01 Cook Icon attack 16x16172 Icon defense 16x16101 Mw tournament icon atk def273 Item innersteel 01 x30, Item platesofpain 01 x8
Level 7 Item accountant 01 Accountant
+3 Icon defense 16x16
Icon attack 16x16102 Icon defense 16x16173 Mw tournament icon atk def275 Item innersteel 01 x36, Item platesofpain 01 x8
Level 8 Item airportscreener 01 Airport Screener Icon attack 16x16173 Icon defense 16x16102 Mw tournament icon atk def275 Item innersteel 01 x42, Item platesofpain 01 x8
Level 9 Item psychologist 01 Psychologist
+4 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x16103 Icon defense 16x16174 Mw tournament icon atk def277 Item innersteel 01 x48, Item platesofpain 01 x8
Level 10 Item technician 01 Technician Icon attack 16x16174 Icon defense 16x16103 Mw tournament icon atk def277 Item innersteel 01 x54, Item platesofpain 01 x10
Level 11 Item venetiantorturer 01 Venetian Torturer
+5 Icon energy 16x16
Icon attack 16x16104 Icon defense 16x16176 Mw tournament icon atk def280 Item innersteel 01 x60, Item platesofpain 01 x10
Level 12 Item scarybarber 01 Scary Barber Icon attack 16x16177 Icon defense 16x16106 Mw tournament icon atk def283 Item innersteel 01 x62, Item platesofpain 01 x10
Level 13 Item bodyporter 01 Body Porter
+15 Icon health 16x16
Icon attack 16x16108 Icon defense 16x16178 Mw tournament icon atk def286 Item innersteel 01 x64, Item platesofpain 01 x10
Level 14 Item gardener 01 Gardener Icon attack 16x16179 Icon defense 16x16110 Mw tournament icon atk def289 Item innersteel 01 x66, Item platesofpain 01 x14
Level 15 Item pharmacist 01 Pharmacist
+5 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x16112 Icon defense 16x16180 Mw tournament icon atk def292 Item innersteel 01 x68, Item platesofpain 01 x16
Additional stat points are not part of the item properties. Each is given as a reward for building the item.

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