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Item vileintentions 01
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Idaho Special
Item idahospecial 01
-Image © Zynga
Available On Facebook November 19, 2009
Type Weapons
Quality Inventory-common-icon Common
Icon attack 16x16 Attack 22
Icon defense 16x16 Defense 15
Mw tournament icon atk def Combined 37
Source Limited Time:Special Shipment
Loot Suggestion Contest
Giftable Inventory-gift-icon Giftable
Mw wishlist-feed 90x90
This loot could be added to your Wishlist:

Date Events
November 19, 2009 Limited Time:Special Shipment
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Twitter Idaho Special

  • This item can also be obtained by helping loot a shipment, via a link on the news feed (facebook).

Facebook Loot Edit

  • Started with a post to your wall:

"XXX needs help looting a shipment of Idaho Specials and wants to share the rewards. Intercept the shipment before a rival mafia stops you. Time is of the essence as there are only a few shipments remaining."

  • Your Mafia can successfully help up to 5 times and the helper obtain this item.
  • In your Mafia Home you can see the state of helping:

"5 of your friends helped you loot a shipment of Idaho Specials. Collect your take to receive 5 Idaho Specials."

  • If any of your friend helped, you can collect your take, up to 5 Idaho Specials.

Idaho Special collect your take

  • After that you can ask help again with this link.

News Feed Image Edit

Idaho newsfeed

Trivia Edit

  • A potato cannon (a.k.a. spud gun) is a pipe-based cannon which uses air pressure, or combustion of a gaseous fuel, or both, to launch large projectiles at low speed. They are built to fire chunks of potato, as a hobby, or to fire other sorts of projectiles, for practical uses.

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