iMacros is an addon available for users of the Firefox web browser that records and then automates actions in a web browser.

Addon DescriptionEdit

Automate Firefox. Record and replay repetitious work. If you love the Firefox web browser, but are tired of repetitive tasks like visiting the same sites every days, filling out forms, and remembering passwords, then iMacros for Firefox is the solution you’ve been dreaming of!

Whatever you do with Firefox, iMacros can automate it.

iMacros in Mafia WarsEdit

Similar to Bookmarklets, iMacros can be used to automate repetitive tasks by recording your web browser actions in Firefox.

It can record any webpage clicks and text input that you perform in Mafia Wars.

This allows an iMacro user to create personal scripts to perform specific tasks that may not otherwise have bookmarklet that automates it. For example, a user could create a small iMacro that healed them at the Hospital every 60 seconds.

Example iMacroEdit

The following iMacro is an example of a simple script that clicks the "Gift All" button on a Profile page every 5 seconds.





Simply open up the Profile page of the player you want to "Gift All" and set the iMacro to loop for however many times you would like to gift. Used in combination with the Gift links on the Best Armor, Best Weapons and Best Vehicles pages and this can be a very fast method of getting another player a large quantity of up to three items.

Download LocationEdit

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