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The Hitlist is a feature on Mafia Wars where you and other players have a chance to take out a requested player for money. The targets shown in the hitlist depend upon which Zynga server the player belongs to.

How to put a player on the Hitlist Edit

These instructions assume you are playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. Those playing on other versions may have slightly different instructions.

  1. Click on the name of a player. You should then see their Profile.
  2. Below the player's Wishlist are some actions you can do involving this person. One of them should say "Add to Hitlist". Click on that link.
  3. Enter the bounty you wish to pay out (in $USD), and submit.
  4. The player is now added to the hitlist, at the cost of 1 stamina point.
  5. (Facebook) Now you can publish that you put a bounty on a player.

New bounty news feed [Your Name] put out a [amount of money] bounty on [opposing player], a level [his/her level] [profession].

  • Your target must have at least 20 health points to be hitlisted

How to take out a player on the hitlistEdit

When you click on the Fight tab at the top, you are given an option to also click on the Declare Warand Hitlist buttons. When you click the hitlist button, you will see many other players on the hitlist. The table has the following columns in order:


screenshot example of the hitlist

  • The Target: The player who is on the hitlist.
  • Paid By: The player that placed the target on the hitlist will pay you out.
  • Bounty Amount: Nyc cash iconCash reward between 8,000 and 16,000,000

Achievements Edit

There are three achievement for hitlist.

  • Mwach bulletproof 75x75 01 Bulletproof - Survive 60 minutes on the Hitlist
  • Mwach hitman 75x75 01 Hitman - Collect 1 bounty
  • Mwach bountyhunter 75x75 01 Bounty Hunter - Collect 50 bounties

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