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Hired Guns (Mw icon mafia) are a way to bolster the size of your Mafia. From a gameplay standpoint, a Hired Gun is identical to having an inactive member in your mafia. The only difference is a Hired Gun will not come up as a recommendation for a social request (such as a Secret Stash after winning a fight). I want to hire anybody to do my handiwork for me


Hired Guns are only good for raw mafia size. They will be counted for Fighting, Robbing, Tournaments and any other action that can be helped by having a bigger mafia (See Fight: Mafia Size for more information). They will not help you with any "social" action like sending gifts, assisting on jobs, posting Secret Stashes or Wars.


Hired Guns can be obtained in several ways:

  • Purchased from the Marketplace. A single Extra Mafia Member costs 1RP and you can buy a bulk of ten Extra Mafia Members for 9RP.
  • Randomly from a Mystery Bag. In this case you always get one hired gun
  • From The Daily Take. You have a chance of getting one hired gun on the third day or ten hired guns on sixth day.
  • One or two hired guns may be randomly awarded when you level up
  • Citi Rewards (Add some extra backup members. That extra muscle will scare away the rivals, capish?)


Mafia Wars is a social game. Instead of trying to get your mafia to the 500 cap with Hired Guns you can add real people to your mafia. See Steps to Own A big Mafia for more information.

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