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Headquarters is unlocked after completing the job Scope Out the Financial District in Rio de Janeiro: Centro.

Building MaterialsEdit

You can collect your income every 8 hours.

Level Materials Payout
HQ1 Complete Scope Out the Financial District Brz real sm2,000
HQ2 Item reinforcedsteel 01 x1, Item cinderblock 01 x1, Item powertools 01 x1, Item constructionworker 01 x2, Huge item braziliantimber 01 x1

Brz real sm4,000
HQ3 Item reinforcedsteel 01 x2, Item cinderblock 01 x2, Item powertools 01 x2, Item constructionworker 01 x4, Huge item braziliantimber 01 x2

Brz real sm6,000
HQ4 Item reinforcedsteel 01 x3, Item cinderblock 01 x3, Item powertools 01 x3, Item constructionworker 01 x6, Huge item braziliantimber 01 x3

Brz real sm8,000
HQ5 Item reinforcedsteel 01 x4, Item cinderblock 01 x4, Item powertools 01 x4, Item constructionworker 01 x8, Huge item braziliantimber 01 x4

Brz real sm10,000
HQ6 Item reinforcedsteel 01 x5, Item cinderblock 01 x5, Item powertools 01 x5, Item constructionworker 01 x10, Huge item braziliantimber 01 x5

Brz real sm12,000
HQ7 Item reinforcedsteel 01 x6, Item cinderblock 01 x6, Item powertools 01 x6, Item constructionworker 01 x12, Huge item braziliantimber 01 x6

Brz real sm14,000
HQ8 Item reinforcedsteel 01 x7, Item cinderblock 01 x7, Item powertools 01 x7, Item constructionworker 01 x14, Huge item braziliantimber 01 x7

Brz real sm16,000
HQ9 Item reinforcedsteel 01 x8, Item cinderblock 01 x8, Item powertools 01 x8, Item constructionworker 01 x16, Huge item braziliantimber 01 x8

Brz real sm18,000
HQ10 Item reinforcedsteel 01 x9, Item cinderblock 01 x9, Item powertools 01 x9, Item constructionworker 01 x18, Huge item braziliantimber 01 x9

Brz real sm20,000
Total Item reinforcedsteel 01 x45, Item cinderblock 01 x45, Item powertools 01 x45, Item constructionworker 01 x90, Huge item braziliantimber 01 x45


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