Hank Williams
Boss dr hank williams 01
-Image © Zynga 
Status Inactive
Appearance Area 51
Location Las Vegas
Full Name Hank Williams
Gender Male
Nationality Us American
Occupation CIA Researcher

The boss in Area 51, Las Vegas

Dr. Hank Williams is a CIA ufologist, specializing in integrating alien technology with military hardware. After years working in Area 51, he's become slightly deranged, and will stop at nothing to protect his life's work.


Experimental Exosuit
BronzemasteryItem experimentalexosuitbronze 01Icon attack 16x16131 Icon defense 16x1682 Mw tournament icon atk def213
SilvermasteryItem experimentalexosuitsilver 01Icon attack 16x16149 Icon defense 16x1690 Mw tournament icon atk def239
GoldmasteryItem experimentalexosuitgold 01Icon attack 16x16167 Icon defense 16x1698 Mw tournament icon atk def265
RubymasteryItem experimentalexosuitruby 01Icon attack 16x16185 Icon defense 16x16106 Mw tournament icon atk def291

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