The Halloween Loot Event is an Loot Event taking place from October 28, 2010 to November 3, 2010. This event celebrated Halloween. As with several Loot Events in the past, special loot drops during jobs and fights. By collecting one of each of the seven special Halloween costumes, the player is rewarded with a limited edition Vampire Bat.

Halloween Loot Event
Halloween loot event
Available from October 28, 2010
Available until November 3, 2010
Type Loot Event


You can get loot items from jobs and fights. Maximum number of loot drops is capped at 71 pieces (10 of each costume plus the Mastery Reward), though you still only need one of each to get the Vampire Bat.

Item Type Icon attack 16x16 Attack Icon defense 16x16 Defense Drop From
Devil Costume
Item devilcostume 01
Armor 55 27 Jobs
Pantomime Horse
Item pantomimehorse 01
Armor 57 31 Jobs
Zombie Costume
Item zombie 01
Armor 27 59 Jobs
Ghost Costume
Item ghostcostume 01
Armor 32 56 Jobs
Skeleton Costume
Item skeletoncostume 01
Armor 29 31 Fights
Witch Costume
Item witch 01
Armor 60 29 Fights
Vampire Costume
Item vampirecostume 01
Armor 58 28 Fights
Vampire Bat
Item vampirebat 01
Animals 67 34 Mastery Rewards


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