Halloween 2010
Available from Ocotober 28, 2010
Available until November 3, 2010
Type Marketplace Sale
Loot Event

Marketplace LootEdit

Trick or loot? We hope you're ready for some fantastic Halloween loot because we've got haunted limited edition items coming your way! We’ll have 4 scary Halloween-themed items available in the Marketplace for a limited time only, so you'll have the perfect opportunity to get this spooky collection.

If you need some extra protection in your fights, you won’t want to miss the Bone Cycle, with 39 attack and 76 defense, or the Hell Sickle, packing a 36 attack and 77 defense! If offense is more your game, you'll want the Doom Gauntlet with 76 attack and 41 defense on your side, as well as the Nightmare, a powerful animal that brings 77 attack and 37 defense!

Don't miss out on the treats - be on the lookout for these fantastic goodies coming your way soon!

Mafia Wars Blog

Halloween promo
Hlwn promo 226x108
Name Icon attack 16x16 Attack Icon defense 16x16 Defense
Hell Sickle
Item hellsickle 01
36 77
Doom Gauntlet
Item doomgauntlet 01
76 41
Bone Cycle
Item bonecycle 01
39 76
Item nightmare 01
77 37


Crash the Mayor's Halloween PartyEdit

Crash the Mayor's Halloween Party! Mafia Wars is bringing the Halloween Party to Social Missions. Starting this weekend, a new and exciting mission will be available. Perform these special limited time missions like you do the others but be warned, and try not to be scared these missions are haunted! Work with your mafia and you may end up with some exclusive Halloween themed loot like a Exploding Pumpkin or Supercharged Hearse. This is a great time to earn your Mission Achievements and pick up as many of the treats as you can. The more Haunted Halloween Missions you participate in, the more Halloween loot you will receive. Haunted Halloween Missions will last all weekend. Don't get tricked and miss out on all the fun.

Mafia Wars Blog

HalloweenMission Halloweenparty01

Halloween Loot EventEdit

You can get loot items from jobs and fights. Maximum number of loot drops is capped at 71 pieces (10 of each costume plus the Mastery Reward), though you still only need one of each to get the Vampire Bat.

Item Type Icon attack 16x16 Attack Icon defense 16x16 Defense Drop From
Devil Costume
Item devilcostume 01
Armor 55 27 Jobs
Pantomime Horse
Item pantomimehorse 01
Armor 57 31 Jobs
Zombie Costume
Item zombie 01
Armor 27 59 Jobs
Ghost Costume
Item ghostcostume 01
Armor 32 56 Jobs
Skeleton Costume
Item skeletoncostume 01
Armor 29 31 Fights
Witch Costume
Item witch 01
Armor 60 29 Fights
Vampire Costume
Item vampirecostume 01
Armor 58 28 Fights
Vampire Bat
Item vampirebat 01
Animals 67 34 Mastery Rewards

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