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Governor's Run
Available from December 8, 2010
Available until December 12, 2010
Type Wall Post Events

Mitch Ethan (the boss of Lower East Side, Manhattan) is running for governor in Manhattan. You need to be the governor of Manhattan to get extra benefits. Invite 9 friends to vote for your rise to power. Get your votes and win from Mitch Ethan. You'll be rewarded with a new Weapon the 2nd Amendment.


BlogGovernorsRunGet your friends to rig the election for you in the upcoming Governor's Run! If you want to rise to power quickly, you'll need the help of your mafia members. Send out special invites to your mafia and make sure 9 people cast their vote for you. When you get 9 to show their support, you'll receive the limited edition item, 2nd Amendment, as your reward. With 52 attack and 80 defense, this weapon is sure to come in handy if you're ever in a jam. Remember to return the favor and accept invitations from your mafia as well. Keep an eye out for the Governor's Run. Mafia Wars Blog

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