Increase your attack to do more damage and win more fights.


Increase your defense to repel more attacks.


Increase your max energy to do more jobs.


Experience are points needed to level up your character. Amount needed for the next level increases at each level. You get experience points from jobs, Boss Fights, Fights, and helping your mafia.


Character has faster health regeneration rate.

  • See Fearless article for more information.


Go one on one with your opponent to determine who is stronger


The Godfather is a kind and highly respected mafioso boss. Show your respect to the Godfather and he will return the favor. The Godfather offers you rewards such as cash, extra energy, family members, etc. in return for Reward Points. You can get more reward points through the offers or buy them with real money.

The Godfather has since been replaced with the Marketplace


Increase your max health to survive intense fights.


You can pay a doctor in the Hospital to increase your health to the maximum. You have to wait 45 seconds before you can heal yourself again. The cost to heal depends on how many Health you have left and how high is your level. The cost is the cheapest in Cuba and ten times more both in New York and Moscow.


Hire somemore to attack a player for you, for a bounty.

  • See Hitlist article for more information.


To level up your character, you need to collect Experience from Jobs, Boss Fights, Fights and helping your mafia. Your level increases as fill up your Experience Meter in the top right corner of screen. The amount of experience needed for the next level increases each time you level up. Each Job Tier requires you to have a certain level.


Character has faster energy regeneration rate.

  • See Maniac article for more information.


Character earns more money from properties.

  • See Mogul article for more information.

Reward PointEdit

You can get reward points by leveling up, completing offers or even buying them with real money by using your credit card, PayPal account, or cell phone.


Damage your opponent's properties


See Robbing. Appears in the Profile screen.

Skill PointEdit

Skill points are points that you are given each time your character level increases.


Increase your stamina to fight more often.

Sucker PunchEdit

Hit your opponent for less damage than a fight, but with no exp/money gain, loot chance, or damage done back to you.

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