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  • Each gift of respect gives you a +5% to your respect meter for level 0, and +5% each level thereafter.
  • Each gift of disrespect gives you -10% to your respect meter.
  • Everytime your meter reaches 100%, you gain a level of respect.

Gifting Reward

Respect Safehouse Max Rewards

When sending gifts to your friends, you may select a reward. You can get Experience, Energy, or Stamina. The values can be calculated with the following formulas:

\text{Experience} = \max \left( 25 , \min \left( \left\lfloor \frac { \text{Level} } {3} \right\rceil , 100 \right) \right)
\text{Energy} = \max \left( 15 , \min \left( \left\lfloor \frac { \text{Level} } {5} \right\rceil , 50 \right) \right)
Experience Energy Stamina
Level Amount Level Amount Amount
1-74 25 1-74 15 10
75-300 Level/3 75-250 Level/5
301+ 100 251+ 50

The stamina reward is always 10.

2nd Generation Gift Safe House Add-On

Date Available: February 23, 2010

  • Respect Meter is introduced

Respect Level Bonus

Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Acquired
Water Gun
Item watergun 01
18 12 Sign of disrespect
Street switchblade 75x75
14 16 Respect Level 0 Completed
Item RedHammer Grach 75x75 01
20 10 Respect Level 1 Completed
Colosseum pugio 75x75
17 23 Respect Level 2 Completed
Zip Gun
Street Zipgun 75x75
24 16 Respect Level 3 Completed
Samurai Helmet
Item Yakuza Samuraihelm 75x75
12 28 Respect Level 4 Completed
Ma Barker's Machine Gun
Item ma barkers machine gun 75x75 03
30 20 Respect Level 5 Completed
Ghillie Suit
Item ghilliesuit 75x75 01
16 42 Respect Level 6 Completed

After completing level 6, you can continue to receive gifts and increase your respect level. However, you will not get additional reward items for completing level 7 and above.



Valentine's Day 2010 Special

Date Available: February 9, 2010

  • Love Meter is introduced

Mastery Loot

  • You can get up to 3 cupids as reward.
Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense

Item cupid 01
46 27

Disrespect Loot

Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense

Box of Rotten Chocolates
Item rottenchocolates 01
21 14

Pair of Wilted Roses
Item wiltedroses 01
13 16

2nd Generation Gift Safe House

Date Available: January 12, 2010

  • You have a maximum of 10 slots this time, and as long as you have an open slot you can keep receiving new gifts.
  • Access to the Gift Safe House was temporarily removed at 11:59 PM Pacific on January 31, 2010. It was restored later on February 1, 2010.





1st Generation Gift Safe House

Date Available: December 21, 2009
Mastery Loot You can get up to 5 Gift Wagon as reward.

Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense

Gift Wagon
Item GiftWagon2
18 29






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