Boss vargas
-Image © Zynga 
Status Inactive
Appearance San Juan
Cuba In Crisis Mission
Full Name Vargas
Also Known As General Vargas
Gender Male
Nationality Pr Puerto Rican

The second boss of San Juan

Health RangesEdit

BronzemasteryBoss icon healthheart12,000

SilvermasteryBoss icon healthheart36,000

GoldmasteryBoss icon healthheart144,000


MG Gloss 350

Item mggloss350bronze 01Icon attack 16x1626 Icon defense 16x1647 Mw tournament icon atk def73

Item mggloss350silver 01Icon attack 16x1642 Icon defense 16x1676 Mw tournament icon atk def118

Item mggloss350gold 01Icon attack 16x1657 Icon defense 16x1695 Mw tournament icon atk def152

Cuba In CrisisEdit

General Vargas appears during the Cuba In Crisis missionline

General Vargas final

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