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The Official Mafia Wars Game Bar is a Zynga toolbar. It includes Zynga search as well as instant access to Mafia Wars. It shows the Mafia Wars logo, then continues with "Play Now", your current health, energy, stamina, and time until you can recieve your next Energy Pack. It also shows the number of Facebook notifications you have as well as buttons to the other Zynga games: Cafeworld, Farmville, Frontierville, Zynga Poker, Treasureisle, Vampirewars, Petville, Yoville ,Cityville and an overview of Zynga Games.


For installing the Zynga Game Bar you're rewarded with the following items:


When you click the Play Now button for the first time, you will receive the Utility Belt and after that you will receive either an Energy boost, a Stamina boost or a consumable item. The Energy boost will equal 25% of your maximum points in the skill or the Stamina boost will equal 30% of your skill. The Mini Energy/Stamina buff can upto 200 units depending on your level. You must wait 8 hours between each bonus.

Gamebar 25% energy Gamebar 200 energy Toolbar-energy Toolbar-stamina Toolbar-item


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