Forge Your Destiny
Armoryevent prepromos 228x168
Available from December 4, 2010
Available until December 8, 2010
Type Building Event

This event will see the addition of 5 items to the Armory, 3 of which being permanent. The 3 permanent items will include the Welding Mask, Sprinting Shoes and Forearm Guard. The limited time items will be the Pantheon Tactical Helm and the Crimson Iron Chest Plate. The two limited time items require Tech Plates to be built.

Crafting timers will be halved for the event (12 hours). The Reward Point cost to reduce the timer will not be halved. Collection Timers will remain unchanged. All players will receive enough construction materials to upgrade their Armory by a level if they have not fully upgraded yet. Players can send and request Tech Plates through free gifting and feed posts.

Blog PostEdit

Forge your destiny
Stay tuned, Mafia Wars Fans - It's almost time to "Forge Your Destiny" and celebrate the Armory! New items will be added to the Armory and for 5 days, build 2 limited time Armory items called the Pantheon Tactical Plate and the Crimson Iron Chest Plate. This isn't the heavy metal of the 1980's. You'll need special parts called Tech Plates to get the job done. Give and receive Tech Plates with free Tech Plate gifts and your news feeds. To get this event started, the Godfather will supply you with enough Armory parts to upgrade your Armory one level. The Armory crafting timer will also be cut in half so you will have plenty of opportunities to build your Man of Steel!

Mafia Wars Blog


Name Image Icon attack 16x16 Attack Icon defense 16x16 Defense Mw tournament icon atk def Combined Other
Forearm Guard Item forearmguard 01 38 30 68 +1Stamina icon
Sprinting Shoes Item sprintingshoes 01 25 32 57 +1Icon defense 16x16
Welding Mask Item weldersmask 01 30 25 55 +1Icon attack 16x16
Pantheon Tactical Helm Item pantheontacticalhelmet 01 55 48 103 +5Icon attack 16x16
Iron Chest Plate Item cobaltchestplate 01 49 57 106 +5Icon defense 16x16


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