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The Fearless personality, is one of the three types of characters that you can choose when you start the game; The other two being Mogul and Maniac. Each character type can generate a certain skill faster than normal. For instance, the Fearless character can generate stamina faster.

Male Female
M fearless F fearless

Fearless characters regenerate stamina faster than the two other character types. The quality of the Fearless is their special spot at the top mafia: the Wheelman. A Fearless character has a small chance to spend no energy on a job. This is especially useful for jobs that require more energy. A Fearless character that is both a Wheelman and a Mastermind will have an easier time gaining levels, on par with the Maniac character type.

Fearless in details Edit

Health regeneration

1 per 3 minutes

1 per 2.5 minutes after mastering Soldier tier in NY (with Golden Skull)

Energy regeneration 1 per 5 minutes
1 per 4.5 minutes after mastering Consigliere tier in NY (with Helicopter)
2 per 4.5 minutes after mastering Boss tier in NY (with Golden Throne)
Stamina regeneration 1 per 3 minutes
1 per 2.5 minutes after mastering Hitman tier in NY (with Chainsaw Bayonet)
Property Cash Flow every 60 minutes
Business normal cash flow in every 3 hours
Top Mafia Bonus Wheelman bonus(has a small chance to spend no energy on a job)

Top Mafia positions Edit

Positions Top Mafia Bonus
Promote mastermind Your Mastermind gains a small chance of gaining 50% more experience when performing jobs (maximum 10% if 14,999+ jobs done)
Promote wheelman

Your Wheelman gains a small chance to perform jobs for no energy (maximum 10% if 299+ leveled gains)

Promote Bodyguard Your Bodyguard gains a small chance to always win fights when they are attacked (maximum +11 increased defense if 49999+ fights won) [ It can be a mogul or a maniac]
Promote safecraker Your Safecracker gains a small chance to gain double the money when fighting or robbing (maximum 15% if 49999+ successful heists done)

See also Character

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