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Fast & Furious
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Available from January 25, 2011
Available until February 8, 2011
Type Marketplace
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For a limited time starting on Tuesday January 25th at 12:01am PST, a new set of vehicles will be available for purchase in the Marketplace inspired from the "Fast and Furious" movie. Whether you're into the classic power of a muscle car or the sleek designs and technology of the import tuner, we're sure you'll find a car that can get you through a quarter mile in 10 seconds or less!

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This event promotes the The Fast And The Furious movies.

There are 4 different items you can buy for 35 Reward Points each.

Name Image Icon attack 16x16 Attack Icon defense 16x16 Defense Mw tournament icon atk def Combined Type Available from
Fenix GT Item fenixgt 01 90 70 160 Vehicles January 25, 2011
O'Connor's Euro Car Item oconnorseurocar 01 65 91 156 Vehicles January 27, 2011
Roman's Violet Spider Item romansvioletspider 01 67 90 157 Vehicles January 30, 2011
Dom's Supercharger Item domsupercharger 01 91 68 159 Vehicles February 3, 2011


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