Harvest 20 crops in FarmVille to get a full Stamina Refill (Common) or 5 Reward Points (Rare)Edit

MW staminarefill

This offer is no longer advertised, but can still be completed by some players, while others report being unable to complete one or more of the steps. It is currently unknown why this is, but if the promotion is active for you then it can be completed by following the steps below.

To gain your refill, enter farmville using the link for the Farmville bonus pop up and harvest your crops. The icon stack on the left side of the screen will only show two at a time; the Mafia Wars icon you need to claim your prize will most likely be 'burried' under more recent advertisements posted there. You'll have to click those other icons and complete or cancel their suggestions until the Mafia Wars icon pops up; once it does, click it to claim your stamina refill!

If you completed the harvesting steps but still can't find the icon, this link may allow you to collect your refill. Otherwise, the offer may be closed to you.


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