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Every so often, Events are held in the world of Mafia Wars. These appear to be weekly now. Mostly these include Loot Events, however occasionally additional Events are held that change the game up for a short time. This can include things such as giveaways or temporarily doubling job mastery's.

Events Time Line

Christmas 2008

Mafiawars highdeftv

Type Event: Special
From: December 21, 2008
To: December 27, 2008
Description: Celebration of Christmas 2008

July 4th 2009


Type Event: Loot Event
From: July 3, 2009
To: July 6, 2009
Description: Celebration of the United States Independence Day 2009

Moscow Preview

Item shturmovik 75x75

Type Event: Loot Event
From: August 28, 2009
To: August 31, 2009
Description: Preview of upcoming release of Moscow

Labor Day 2009


Type Event: Loot Event
From: September 4, 2009
To: September 7, 2009
Description: Celebration of Labor day 2009

Tigers Unleashed


Type Event: Loot Event
From: September 25, 2009
To: September 29, 2009

Double Mastery Weekend

Type Event: Double Mastery
From: October 24, 2009
To: October 25, 2009

Halloween 2009

White big item YoZombie 02

Type Event: Loot Event
From: October 30, 2009
To: November 3, 2009
Description: Celebration of Halloween 2009

Raining Rubles Day

Type Event: Special
From: November 11, 2009
To: November 11, 2009
Description: Raising income of Moscow Properties

Big Apple Week

Feed big apple 130x130

Type Event: Double Mastery, Double Drop rate, Limited Time Job
From: November 15, 2009
To: November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

White big item cookedgoose 01

Type Event: Loot Event
From: November 26, 2009
To: November 30, 2009
Description: Celebration of Thanksgiving 2009

Black Friday Sale 2009

Black friday Pinstripe Suit

Type Event: Marketplace Sale
From: November 27, 2009
To: November 30, 2009
Description: Black Friday Sales 2009

Public Enemies

Public enemies featured job promo

Type Event: Limited Time Job
From: December 6, 2009
To: December 13, 2009
Description: Promotion of the movie Public Enemies

Bring the Family Together

Mw promo safehouse 228x110

Type Event: Limited Time Job, Gift Safe House
From: December 18, 2009
To: December 24, 2009
Description: Celebration of Christmas 2009

Holiday Blowout Sale 2009

Mw holiday sale promo 01

Type Event: Marketplace Sale
From: December 21, 2009
To: December 28, 2009
Description: End of year sale 2009

Last Score of 2009


Type Event: Limited Time Job
From: December 28, 2009
To: January 4, 2010
Description: Celebration of ending of 2009 and beginning of 2010

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