Easter day HPmod active

Easter Eggselence
Available from March 23, 2013
Available until April 3, 2013


Item easteregg 01
Easter Eggselence is a limited time event involving all aspects of in-game play, gifting and news feed posts. Collect Easter Eggs to redeem them for awesome loot. Collecting Easter Eggs will also help you find all the 7 items from the Hopper's Delight Collection.
See also: Easter Eggselence FAQ

Easter Egg LimitsEdit

You can Earn up to 175 Easter Eggs per day from Jobs, Fights, Robbing, Feeds, Gifting and the Arena. All daily limits reset at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7). Easter Eggs can also be purchased at a rate of 3 for 1 Icon-gf-coin.

Activities Daily Limit

Loot ItemsEdit

There are a total of 4 loot items, increasing in both stats and number of Easter Eggs required. You can redeem a maximum of 3 of each item and you must redeem at least 1 of the first item to unlock the second item, at least 1 of the second item to unlock the third, and so.

ItemMasteryBg 4
Eggzecutor Egg Hunter Monster Bunny American Chinchilla
Item eggzecutor 01
Icon attack 16x16209 Icon defense 16x16150 
Item egghunter 01
Icon attack 16x16151 Icon defense 16x16212 
Item monsterbunny 01
Icon attack 16x16215 Icon defense 16x16152 
Item americanchinchilla 01
Icon attack 16x16153 Icon defense 16x16219 
Item easteregg 01 100 Item easteregg 01 125 Item easteregg 01 150 Item easteregg 01 200
ProgressBar 4

Hopper's Delight CollectionEdit

Earn or purchase 150 Easter Eggs to fill up the Progress Bar and find a collection item. The progress bar will reset once a collection item has been found and redeeming Easter Eggs for loot items will not affect the progress bar.

Collection header 2 7

  • Obtained: Easter Eggselence
  • Vault Bonus: Great Bunny Item greatbunny 01Icon attack 16x16170 Icon defense 16x16238 Mw tournament icon atk def408
  • Revault Boost: Cannot revault
Chocolate Bunny Wishlist Cotton Bunny Wishlist Crystal Bunny Wishlist Golden Bunny Wishlist Gummy Bunny Wishlist Marble Bunny Wishlist Paper Bunny Wishlist
Standard 75x75 collect hopperdelight chocolatebunny 01 Standard 75x75 collect hopperdelight cottonbunny 01 Standard 75x75 collect hopperdelight crystalbunny 01 Standard 75x75 collect hopperdelight goldenbunny 01 Standard 75x75 collect hopperdelight gummybunny 01 Standard 75x75 collect hopperdelight marblebunny 01 Standard 75x75 collect hopperdelight paperbunny 01


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