Easter Egg Hunt Sale
Easter large egg

Easter Egg Hunt Sale bar Easter Egg Hunt Sale info

The Event Edit

For four days only, buy all items at sale prices. Also, find the 7 mystery items for the Mafia Wars Easter Egg Hunt. The necessary items will change daily and you can find them by finding the hidden eggs. If you purchase the right items, you will be rewarded with a special discount. You will have through April 5, 2010 to find all 7 items; if you succeed you will have a chance at winning a variety of prizes with the grand prize being 100 Reward Points!

How to find the items? Edit

Look for the Easter Egg icon ( Easter small egg ) next to the Featured Item, to follow the trail!


The Egg Icon indicates that the item will be even cheaper than the sale price shown.

Rewards Edit

One of the following:


Eggcamera Boxer Easter Egg Hunt Sale Easter10GFPPrize MrktPlc Easter HP promo Completedegghunt

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