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Double Mastery Boost
Boost double-mastery
-Image © Zynga
Type Boosts
Effects 2x Mastery Rate on next job
Source Random, Random Gift
  • You may receive double mastery for completing a job randomly, and have the ability to send a boost to members of your mafia via a popup message.
  • You can only choose 3-4 mafia, and it is pre-determined.
  • It'll be used on your next job attempt in regular cities, with some exceptions:
    • It won't be used on the already mastered job.
    • The job that can be mastered even without the boost. (For example, if you do a job at 90% mastery with 10% mastery rate, then the boost will not be used.)
  • There is a limit of five accepted boosts per day.

This boost is not giftable.

MFS-2x mastery

Double Mastery Boost

Bangkok 2x bonus

Screenshot 8

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