Dons dinner banner 1

Don's Dinner
Available from November 23, 2010
Available until December 1, 2010
Type Wall Post Events

Invite 10 friends to the Don's Dinner for Thanksgiving. Your invites will be posted on your friends wall. When they accept your invite they will show up at the "table". You have 4 days to get your table full and have a turkey dinner with the Don.

When you get your table full you'll receive a Wild Turkey. This mission can only be done once.



It's Thanksgiving and you are invited to Don's Dinner. We wouldn't want you to come alone so it's up to you to bring 9 of your favorite mafia members. To RSVP, simply log in and post special invites to your friends walls. When 9 of them accept, you will be rewarded with a Wild Turkey. This is no ordinary bird as it's stuffed with powerful attack and defense scores of 79 and 65. Help your mafia members by accepting their invitations and nobody will miss out.

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