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The Don's Derby was introduced on September 24, 2013 as the thirty-seventh non-cash generating property in New York / Manhattan.

This is a limited-time-to-upgrade property in which you have 16 days to upgrade to level 15 (or as far as you can). After this period you will no longer be able to upgrade normally. You get to keep the level you reached and are able to build the items. However, you can still buy the required upgrade parts using Reward Points.

Unlike regular crafting properties, there is no cost-per-item each time you craft.

Each time you upgrade Don's Derby during the initial upgrade period you will also receive an upgrade bonus. Fully upgrading this property during the initial upgrade period will also earn you a grand prize loot item.

Extra upgrading time for this property was offered during the Craftmania (Round 05) event. Players were given a total of 15 extra days between January 14, 2014 and January 28, 2014.

Grand PrizeEdit

Steely Defense
Item steelydefense 01
Icon attack 16x16250 Icon defense 16x16175 Mw tournament icon atk def425

Building MaterialEdit

Building CostEdit

Level Items
1 Item rooftoptiles 01 x1, Item cordlessdrill 01 x1. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x1
2 Item rooftoptiles 01 x1, Item cordlessdrill 01 x1. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x1
3 Item rooftoptiles 01 x2, Item cordlessdrill 01 x2. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x2
4 Item rooftoptiles 01 x3, Item cordlessdrill 01 x3. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x3
5 Item rooftoptiles 01 x4, Item cordlessdrill 01 x4. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x4
6 Item rooftoptiles 01 x5, Item cordlessdrill 01 x5. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x5
7 Item rooftoptiles 01 x10, Item cordlessdrill 01 x10. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x10
8 Item rooftoptiles 01 x11, Item cordlessdrill 01 x11. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x11
9 Item rooftoptiles 01 x12, Item cordlessdrill 01 x12. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x12
10 Item rooftoptiles 01 x13, Item cordlessdrill 01 x13. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x13
11 Item rooftoptiles 01 x15, Item cordlessdrill 01 x15. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x15
12 Item rooftoptiles 01 x17, Item cordlessdrill 01 x17. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x17
13 Item rooftoptiles 01 x19, Item cordlessdrill 01 x19. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x19
14 Item rooftoptiles 01 x21, Item cordlessdrill 01 x21. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x21
15 Item rooftoptiles 01 x23, Item cordlessdrill 01 x23. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x23
Total Item rooftoptiles 01 x157, Item cordlessdrill 01 x157. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x157


Level Item(s) Stats Upgrade Bonus
Level 1 Item hoof-pick bronze 01 Hoof-Pick Bronze Icon attack 16x16115 Icon defense 16x16187 Mw tournament icon atk def302 5% Icon energy 16x16
Level 2 Item hoof-pick silver 01 Hoof-Pick Silver Icon attack 16x16117 Icon defense 16x16189 Mw tournament icon atk def306 6% Icon energy 16x16
Level 3 Item hoof-pick gold 01 Hoof-Pick Gold Icon attack 16x16119 Icon defense 16x16191 Mw tournament icon atk def310 7% Icon energy 16x16
Level 4 Item derbyhelmet bronze 01 Derby Helmet Bronze
+3 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16193 Icon defense 16x16130 Mw tournament icon atk def323 8% Icon energy 16x16
Level 5 Item derbyhelmet silver 01 Derby Helmet Silver
+3 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16195 Icon defense 16x16133 Mw tournament icon atk def328 9% Icon energy 16x16
Level 6 Item derbyhelmet gold 01 Derby Helmet Gold
+3 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16197 Icon defense 16x16136 Mw tournament icon atk def333 10% Icon energy 16x16 + 3 parts
Level 7 Item racehorse bronze 01 Race Horse Bronze
+4 Icon energy 16x16
Icon attack 16x16199 Icon defense 16x16140 Mw tournament icon atk def339 20% Icon energy 16x16 + 3 parts
Level 8 Item racehorse silver 01 Race Horse Silver
+4 Icon energy 16x16
Icon attack 16x16201 Icon defense 16x16141 Mw tournament icon atk def342 20% Icon energy 16x16 + 3 parts
Level 9 Item racehorse gold 01 Race Horse Gold
+4 Icon energy 16x16
Icon attack 16x16203 Icon defense 16x16142 Mw tournament icon atk def345 20% Icon energy 16x16 + 3 parts
Level 10 Item racehorse ruby 01 Race Horse Ruby
+4 Icon energy 16x16
Icon attack 16x16205 Icon defense 16x16143 Mw tournament icon atk def348 20% Icon energy 16x16 + 6 parts
Level 11 Item derbyrider bronze 01 Derby Rider Bronze
+5 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x16159 Icon defense 16x16207 Mw tournament icon atk def366 30% Icon energy 16x16 + 6 parts
Level 12 Item derbyrider silver 01 Derby Rider Silver
+5 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x16162 Icon defense 16x16210 Mw tournament icon atk def372 30% Icon energy 16x16 + 6 parts
Level 13 Item derbyrider gold 01 Derby Rider Gold
+5 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x16165 Icon defense 16x16213 Mw tournament icon atk def378 30% Icon energy 16x16 + 9 parts
Level 14 Item derbyrider ruby 01 Derby Rider Ruby
+5 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x16168 Icon defense 16x16216 Mw tournament icon atk def384 35% Icon energy 16x16 + 9 parts
Level 15 Item derbyrider emerald 01 Derby Rider Emerald
+6 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x16171 Icon defense 16x16219 Mw tournament icon atk def390 50% Icon energy 16x16 + Steely Defense
Skill Points are not part of the item properties. Each is a reward for building the item.


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