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Defeat Carlos Cavalera

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Defeat Carlos Cavalera
Available from September 12, 2012
Available until September 25, 2012
Type Boss Fight


This boss fight is a required part of each mastery level for the Secret District The Decaffeination. You must also complete the silver mastery level of the The Decaffeination secret district before you are allowed to move on the the silver mastery level of the boss fight.

This boss fight follows the same style as a Boss Fight Event, except with the addition of stamina attacks. Stamina requirements per attack increase at a rate of 5 Stamina icon each time (5 Stamina icon for the first attack, 10 Stamina icon for the second, and so on). The damage done per attack stays the same regardless of the amount of stamina required. As the cost per attack increases so does the amount of experience gained (unlike family boss fights), with a stamina to experience ratio falling randomly between 2.0 and 2.5. Boss Fight Event consumables are used as well as the secret district consumable as the special item. Consumable use does not give experience.

Carlos CavaleraEdit

Carlos Cavalera
Carlos Cavalera
-Image © Zynga 
Status Inactive
Appearance Defeat Carlos Cavalera
Full Name Carlos Cavalera
Gender Male
Nationality Brazil-icone-6077-48 Brazilian
Occupation Caffeine Kingpin
There are times when on might find a coffee bean laced with blood. That comes from the artistic hands of Carlos Cavalera, the kingpin’s second in command. You’ll end up in your own grinders if your don’t filter him out.


Bronzemastery Boss icon healthheart 2,500
Silvermastery Boss icon healthheart 5,000
Goldmastery Boss icon healthheart 15,000
Rubymastery Boss icon healthheart 25,000


Golden Shotgun

Bronzemastery Item goldenshotgun bronze 01 Icon attack 16x16126 Icon defense 16x16158 Mw tournament icon atk def284
Silvermastery Item goldenshotgun silver 01 Icon attack 16x16136 Icon defense 16x16178 Mw tournament icon atk def314
Goldmastery Item goldenshotgun gold 01 Icon attack 16x16146 Icon defense 16x16198 Mw tournament icon atk def344

Rubymastery Item goldenshotgun ruby 01 Icon attack 16x16156 Icon defense 16x16218 Mw tournament icon atk def374


Item knifeslash 01 Item goldcoffeebean 01 Item goldcoffeebean 01 Item crackofthebat 01
Bonus: +50 to +150 ATK
Item knucklespunch 01 Item crackofthebat 01 Item knifeslash 01 Item goldcoffeebean 01
Bonus: +100 to +120 ATK
Item goldcoffeebean 01 Item crackofthebat 01 Item crackofthebat 01 Item knucklespunch 01
Bonus: +200 to +600 ATK


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