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The Daily Chance Beta tag is a lottery game that the Godfather offers to all of the players. It is a game of chance, as is a traditional lottery. It can be found in the Marketplace tab.

On the July 9 2009 draw, a few limited edition loots are given as prize for winning 1 number. Please refer to Daily Chance Rewards July 9 2009 to see what was awarded.

On January 25 2012, Zynga removed this feature from the game.

Mafia Wars BlogEdit


As we work on improving Mafia Wars for you, we constantly monitor various aspects of the game to understand what engages you the most & what doesn’t. Based on usage statistics, we have decided to do away with Daily Chance to make space for new features and/or improve the game performance. As of tomorrow, you will no longer be able to submit a ticket in Daily Chance. The prizes & rare items that were previously available through this feature will now be available through other existing & new game features, so rest assured that you will still have the same opportunities to win freebies!


The Mafia Wars Team

-Mafia Wars Blog

Rules Edit

Every day, you have a chance to play a Ticket. You select five numbers out of a grid of 70 (or have them auto-selected for you). Once selected, you can redeem your ticket. Every week, 5 numbers are drawn. The more numbers you match on a ticket, the higher the prize.

Additional lottery tickets can be obtained from Mystery Bags and Red Mystery Bags.


The lotto in Mafia Wars is just like playing the lotto in real life. In a lotto with 70 numbers in which 5 numbers are drawn here are some odds to consider.

Chance of Winning on one ticket

Winning Chances are
0 Numbers (loss) = 8259888 in 12,103,014 ~ 1 in 1.4653 ~ 68.247%
1 Number = 3385200 in 12,103,014 ~ 1 in 3.5753 ~ 29.970%
2 Numbers = 436800 in 12,103,014 ~ 1 in 27.708 ~ 3.609%
3 Numbers = 20800 in 12,103,014 ~ 1 in 581.88 ~ 0.172%
4 Numbers = 325 in 12,103,014 ~ 1 in 37,240 ~ 0.003%
5 Numbers

= 1 in 12,103,014 ~ 0.000008%

Prizes Edit

Ticket Mastery Progress Edit

The Ticket Mastery fills up for each ticket you fill out. You can have up to six tickets worth of mastery at a time. Ticket mastery is reset at the end of each draw. The prizes are as follows:

  1. A random collection item. Only from New York, Cuba, Moscow collections.
  2. A free ticket for more chances to win the lottery.
  3. 5 stamina points refilled.
  4. 2 Free Tickets.
  5. 20 energy points refilled.
  6. Up to 20 Loyalty Points

Prize Results Edit

For each ticket that has one matching number, a prize is awarded. The more matching numbers on the ticket, the higher the prize. In order from worst to best, they are:

  1. A random Loot item.
  2. An unused Daily Chance ticket.
  3. A Daily Chance collection prize.
  4. 89 Reward Points.
  5. 1000 Reward Points

If you want to double your chance, just claim the reward every day having two bars filled, so you gain an extra daily-chance....


Daily Chance CollectionEdit

  • Obtained: Daily Chance ( now drops in all New York Jobs )
  • Vault Bonus: +10% to job loot drops
  • Cannot be Re-vaulted.
Bingo Card Wishlist Deck of Cards Wishlist Dice Wishlist Roulette Wheel Wishlist Slot Machine Wishlist Craps Table Wishlist Baccarat Shoe Wishlist
Standard 75x75 collect casino bingo 01 Standard 75x75 collect casino cards 01 Standard 75x75 collect casino dice 01 Standard 75x75 collect casino roulette 01 Standard 75x75 collect casino slot 01 Standard 75x75 collect casino craps 01 Standard 75x75 collect casino baccaratshoe 01

  • This collection does not need to be completed for the Master Collector achievement.
  • This collection can only be given to another user through wishlist-gifting or gift sending. Does not come on Mystery Bag.

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