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Name Image Takeover cost Fully Upgraded costs Fully Upgraded income/3 hours ROI (%)
Bodega Business bodega 235x120 01 C$0 C$0 C$200 x
Tobacco Plantation Business tobacco 150x75 01 C$12,500 C$137,700 C$2,240 1.6%
Sugar Plantation Business sugar 150x75 01 C$50,000 C$375,300 C$4,480 1.2%
Bribery Ring Business briberyring 235x120 01 C$75,000 C$390,000 5 Politico Corrupto x
Factory Business chopshop 150x75 01 C$150,000 C$1,001,200 C$8,960 0.9%
Coca Field Business coca 150x75 01 C$350,000 C$3,755,200 C$22,400 0.6%

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