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Safehouse-Loyalty banner3 Crime spree CrimespreeIcon

Crime Spree
Available from May 21, 2010
Available until October 19, 2011

On May 21, 2010 the Crime Spree feature replaced the Gift Safe House. It is similar to the latest version of the Gift Safe House (also known as Respect Safehouse). You ask your mafia members for help and they can choose to help or sabotage you. Whatever they choose, they can select a reward. You can get up to five rewards every 24 hours.

In the first generation Crime Spree, this reward was either Experience, Energy, or Stamina. As in previous safe houses, the experience reward was equal to their current level divided by three, capped at 25 and 100 (minimum and maximum reward); the energy reward was equal to their level divided by five, capped at 15 and 50; and the stamina reward was always 10.

The experience reward was removed with the second generation Crime Spree on June 23, 2010. At the same time, the energy reward remains equal to your level divided by five, capped at 15 and 50, and the stamina reward is equal to your level divided by five, capped at 10 and 40.

For the first two levels (0 and 1), you gain 20% level mastery with every safe you open. Thereafter, you gain 10% per safe.

The maximum number of unlocked safes you are allowed to have is 10. If you unlocked 10 safes and someone helps you again, you will not get an additional one. Therefore, always open them right away!

On June 23, 2010, a new mastery item was introduced. The Trouble Maker is awarded for completing 10 levels. This does not mean you have to reach level 10. If you had a certain level before June 23, you will receive this reward once you reach 10 more levels (e.g. level 15 means going on all the way to 25).

This feature was removed from the game on October 19, 2011.

Second Generation Crime Spree

You can still get the items from the first generation Crime Spree. The following list only contains new items from the second generation.

[** It is very sad that once you get Trouble Maker you will not get any level mastery item anymore]

Loyalty Level Bonus

Name Icon attack 16x16 Attack Icon defense 16x16 Defense


Trouble Maker

55 46 10 Levels Mastery
Le Tigre
Item le tigre 75x75 03
26 15 Level Completed
Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun
Woodsman shotgun 75x75
35 15 Level Completed
Samurai Helmet
Item Yakuza Samuraihelm 75x75
12 28 Level Completed
Executioner Drone
Item executioner drone
42 22 Level Completed
Low Rider
Street lowrider 75x75
12 44 Level Completed
Ironside Tactical Vest
Item ironsidevest 01
27 49 Level Completed
Nail Gun
Item Tools of Persuasion nailgun 75x75 01
28 12 Level Completed
Traje de Balas
Traje De Balas hd
10 39 Level Completed
Joy Buzzer
Item Joy-Buzzer 01
15 21 Sign of Unloyalty





First Generation Crime Spree

Unlike previous safe houses, you always get one of the following items when you level up. Previously, you only got a specific item for a specific level. The level reward you receive is random (e.g. you might get 3 Fugama Kondoru in a row).

( NOTE: After Level 15, you will no longer receive level-up bonus items. )

Loyalty Level Bonus

Name Icon attack 16x16 Attack Icon defense 16x16 Defense Acquired
Fugama Kondoru
Item fugamakondoru 01
25 47 Level Completed
Colosseum lorica 75x75
18 32 Level Completed
Ness' Fedora
Item ness fedora 75x75 03
28 22 Level Completed
Pro's 2 Iron
Item pros 2 iron 75x75 03
24 19 Level Completed
Remote Controlled Sniper
Item remotecontrolsniper 75x75 02
35 20 Level Completed
Vortex Ring Gun
Item vortexring gun
12 33 Level Completed
Pretty Boy Floyd's .45
Item pretty boy floyds 45 75x75 03
22 22 Level Completed

Joy Buzzer

Item Joy-Buzzer 01
15 21 Sign of Unloyalty



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