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Concealable Camera
Item conceal camera
-Image © Zynga
Type Consumables
Quality Inventory-common-icon Common
Loot From Rob an Electronics Store,
Smuggle Consumer Electronics for the Vory
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The Concealable Camera is a consumable item. 29 are needed to master the Obtain Compromising Photos job, and between 0 and 40 are needed to master the Catch Karpov Accepting A Bribe job (depending on whether you choose Vory for any mastery levels of the Boets chapter in Russia). You will likely need many more Concealable Cameras, however, as 403 Blackmail Photos are needed to master all of the New York job tiers.

At this time (New York, Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok open) you will need a total of 472 Concealable Cameras to complete all jobs requiring their use in New York and Moscow.

New York Mastery: 29 Concealable Camera to complete Obtain Compromising Photos and 403 Concealable Cameras for Blackmail Photos

Moscow Mastery: 40 Concealable Camera for Catch Karpov Accepting A Bribe

Purchasing InfoEdit

The Concealable Camera may be obtained by doing the Rob an Electronics Store job in New York or the Smuggle Consumer Electronics for the Vory job in Moscow, or as a random bonus from clicking through a shared achievement notification.

Related JobsEdit

Looted From:
NY: Enforcer - Rob an Electronics Store
Moscow: Baklany - Smuggle Consumer Electronics for the Vory

Needed For:
NY: Hitman - Obtain Compromising Photos - 10/10/9

NY; Boss - Buy Off a Federal Agent
Moscow: Boets - Catch Karpov Accepting A Bribe - 12/13/15

Total Needed: 69 (NY - 29, Moscow (Vory Only) - 40

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