Item milanodioz 01
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Cocodrilo APC
Item cocodrilo 75x75 01
-Image © Zynga
Available On Facebook June 11, 2009
Type Vehicles
Quality Inventory-ultimate-icon Ultimate
Icon attack 16x16 Attack 42
Icon defense 16x16 Defense 56
Mw tournament icon atk def Combined 98
Loot From Mastering El Padrino
Source Mastery Rewards
Subtypes Truck
Giftable Inventory-gift-icon Giftable
Mw wishlist-feed 90x90
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Date Events
June 11, 2009 Mastery Rewards of El Padrino

Trivia Edit

  • In Spanish, cocodrilo means crocodile.
  • This vehicle is roughly based on the Soviet designed "BTR-60" Amphibious Armored Personnel Carrier designed in 1959 and still in use in many former soviet block countries and rumored to still be in use with the Cuban military to this day.

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