Welcome to [ŦŦ] Freedom Fighters!
Just a few things to take into consideration while wearing the [ŦŦ] tag-

There's no whining here ! MW's is a game of kill or be killed. You are free to hit whom ever you wish, but you must be able to handle the repurcussions.

You may ask for assistance if -
Someone has bookmarked you, paying you daily visits, multiple times a day.
You are being targeted by the same tag/clan, multiple times a day.
You are being serial HL'd, by the same player, multiple times a day.

There is no help me thread, so you must ask for help via skype or a fb message.

We are a no alliance clan. All players not tagged [ŦŦ] are fair game. This includes the hitlist, robbing, and attacking.

Keep in mind we are all players in a game. If you are getting attacked, then our team may try to offer assistance.
This does not mean we are going to jump every time an attack is posted. We will do our best to help with your issue, but do ask you be patient in allowing us to do so.
Since this is a game, personal lives often will and do come first. In addition, any member sending a message deemed whiny or complaining to a non [ŦŦ] player, is unacceptable. If and when it comes to our attention, you will be asked to leave the group.
Making threats of reports to Zynga will not be tolerated, under any circumstances. Trash talk & friendly banter is funny. Being rude, vulgar,or disrespectful is not.!/group.php?gid=366216033538&v=wall

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