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Full Name: Ziffers
Tags: {ZCFU}, {ZCF}
Founded: January 3rd, 2010
Ziffer Fight Room
ZCFU Recruitment Group
The Zynga Community Forums family was originally established by frequent contributors to the Mafia Wars Forum run directly by Zynga. The original {ZCF} was founded on the principles of education of the mechanics of the game and trying to teach other players to find enjoyment in the game and to come to a deeper understanding of how many other players in Mafia Wars thought and put forth their strategies in the game. {ZCF} was also at the forefront of bringing community concerns about the game to the attention of moderators, managers and developers seeking open communication between the players and those working on the game. Many founding members spent great time pain and attention to writing thoughtful guides and tips for members of the community forums.

Though {ZCF} used the forums as the name of their family, they were never, and still are not, officials of Zynga or the forums there. It wasn't long after the Inception of {ZCF} that many changes to the game and the way Zynga handled these changes and communicated with players, a large rift was formed between many {ZCF} members and moderators and community managers at the Zynga forums. This lead to deletion of many threads and banning of many members. During this time {ZCF} added a U to their tag, standing for unleashed. Today, this rift is not the same as it was originally and many {ZCFU} members (Commonly known as Ziffer's by some) feel free to again voice their opinions and provide advice at the community forums.

Today {ZCFU} has a more permanent home at the Mafia Wars Unleashed Website. Here they provide strategy and open (unleashed) discussion of Zynga games and other Facebook games. Though many Ziffer's still contribute heavily at the community forums and the original goals of the family: education and guidance for new and old players alike has never changed, the face, humor, and positions of many members has been through quite the metamorphosis. Recently the family has adopted the name "Ziffers" for their family. Though many members will always continue to help and give advice at the community forums, they hold no punches in their discussion of Mafia Wars.

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