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World Fighting Alliance™
Full Name: World Fighting Alliance™
Tags: {WFA™} - our Red Tag is {WFA} and Our white tags {WFA} or ʷᶠᵃ
Founded: Founded December 1, 2009
Founder(s): David Schumacher - Godfather
Key people: Cherie Diefenthaler - Godmother
David Schumacher - Godfather
Lisa Bentheimer - Honoray GM aka Consultant to the Queen
Michele Townsend Kyle - Recruitment*and Events
Ro Stagner - Recruitment and Administration*
Todd Saunders- Events* and Alliances
Chuck Carter - Alliance Officer* and Wars
Steve Campbell - War Officer*
Website: War Page - The Wrath Wall
Recruitment Center
World Fighting Alliance Application
FFA Page (Free for All) Tuesdays at 8PM - 11PM EST

Looking for a hard fighting well respected family? Looking for a family that works together on all of the family perks and family battles? Do you just love icing people in Mafia Wars? Well we are the place for you! We enjoy the game, play hard and fight even harder but always with honor and respect and we always have a lot of fun! Please take a look and fill out our application..

Stats Requirement : We are actively recruiting seriously fun fighters 35k+ combined att/def and up, 20k health and 10k stamina.. We will look at anyone under 35k on a person by person basis, so don't be skeered to fill it out. We also have a secondary tag for smaller fighters, but you will enjoy all the benefits of the group.

Please send a friend request to one of our {WFA} Officers and you will be contacted soon. If approved, please add all {WFA} Officers. Officers: David Schumacher, Cheryl Diefenthaler, Lisa Bentheimer, Michele Townsend Kyle, Todd Saunders, Ro Stanger, Steve Campbell and Chuck Carter.

FFAs every Tuesday 8pm EST to 11pm EST

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