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World Famous Most Wanted Player
Full Name: World Famous Most Wanted Player
Tags: ╠ψfmψþ╣,{WFMWP}
Founded: 2009
Founder(s): Shuddhashil Ray [1]
Headquarters: ╠ψfmψþ╣ Recruitment/Fan Page [2]
Area served: Clan,Toolbar,Inter-ClanMembers Mafia Wars Trading
Key people: Shuddhashil Ray [3]
Website: Our Official Page(FOR OFFICIAL MEMBERS ONLY)[4]
Our Clan Toolbar of Mafia War Scripts (For Everyone/Fans) [5]
Our War page [7]

Brotherhood is the spirit of ╠ψfmψþ╣

Our rules in order to be Official member:

1. You must be level 100+

2. You must have combined Attack + Defence Skill of 1300 (example Attack :700 Defence : 600).

3. You must have Mafia Defence Strength and Mafia Attack Strength over 60,000.

4. You must have atleast 501 Mafias in your family.

5. THIS IS SINGLE TAGGED CLAN so once you tag us you cannot tag another clan tag unless you leave us. So if you wish to join our clan tag ╠ψfmψþ╣ should be only tag in your name.

We only welcome serious MW player, not for sleepers.

$$ Official Request to JOIN us $$$Edit

Get our "wfmwp-mafia-clan-tools Toolbar" with huge collection of Mafia War Scripts :

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