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World Famous Most Wanted Players
My mafia clan
Full Name: World Famous Most Wanted Players
Tags: {WFMWP}
Founded: Shuddhashil Ray
Headquarters: {WFMWP} Recruitment Base, {WFMWP} Official Base, {WFMWP} War Base
Area served: Protecting MW players in family,Extreme Fun and loads of actions , also r

recruiting New Players in the clan ...

Key people: Godfather  : Shuddhashil Ray
Underboss  : Teddy Collins
Commander  : Lee Ltt
Vice-Commander: Violet Appleton
Members: Growing everyday... 2188 (dated 26-02-10)
Website: Recruitment/Fan page is!/pages/WFMWP-RECRUITMENT-BASE/243969033273?v=wall
War Base Page is
Official page is only for Official members and one has to invited by Godfather

We are group of "MOST WANTED" Mafias and we welcome serious players to join us not sleepers. "BrotherHood" is the spirit of clan {WFMWP}. ==Our mission is to a group of highly competent strong Mafia War players in a close family of people from various parts of the world whose bonding will be very strong thereby making us fearless and loyal, strong and having the spirit of brotherhood in heart. We are a family of high moral character that values honesty, integrity and loyalty, this includes how we act towards our allies, our enemies and the general players in the Mafia Wars world. We are here to play game by OUR rules and be the MOST WANTED players in Mafia Wars==

WHY WOULD YOU THINK TO JOIN ? 1) We ensure to provide a friendly atmosphere where you can learn and enjoy the game together.All are equal and respected.We are all family here in {WFMWP} 2) We provide regular up to date information about the game such as changes, fixes, etc, in one centralized place as they become available.By becoming Official member you will get updates which will help you a lot. We provide Tools and Tips for you to use at your convenience(at own risk though) 3) You gain the benefit of the valuable knowledge of other players who are from many different levels who can assist you with any questions you may have.We have high level members to help you out always. Over that once you become Official member our loot account is aimed at gifting you whenever you need anything. 4) We offer protecton when needed from bullies. If you are being bullied day after day by the same person you need only post a call for help as a tagged clan member and we will come to your aid.Our main reason of clan is protecting our members at all cost so we stand for it. 5) Our allies are growing each day and with some great and Strong allies we are in the front seat to rule. 6) When needing things from your wishlist you will find that your clan will respond much more promptly in asssisting you with what you are looking for. As i said before Official members benefit a lot from Loot Account. 7) If you declare war on someone, your clan members will back you.Protecting each other's back is our duty and spirit of Brotherhood. 8) By joining the clan we also help you to build you own personal mafias as you add all the clan members when you join along with any new members we add as they join. If this sounds like something that interests you join us. Ray.

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