==Welcome to all!==

Welcome to Ursus Maritimus, the Mafia Wars clan/family of the Polar Bears. We are a group of friends from all across the globe who love to play the game. Thomas is the founder and Godfather and Karen is Godmother. We have around 20 members, we are always looking to expand the group with new friends who can help us to push on to even greater achievements.

As polar bears we ice and kill, we are also strong and fearless but we are not bullies and we respect others who play. Our tag is [UMS] and there are no level or skill requirements to tag, all we ask is that all tagged members play regularly and help each other out. Have fun but please play fair as your actions reflect on all of us as long as you wear our tag. We permit multiple tags provided that it is permitted by your other clan/s.

The link below will guide you to our recruiting group where you can stop by and meet some of our friendly bears. Once you are tagged you will be given the clan link and invited to our chat.Let's help each other to build our characters, share game strategies, protect each other from bullies and make some great friends. There are many advantages to being a tagged member and we would like to invite you to wear our tag and join us in the clan.

If you have any questions about the clan please do not hesitate to contact Karen or Norma and we will do our best to answer them for you.Together we can build a very strong clan and have fun while doing so. Please join us.

[UMS] Recruiting and alliance

[UMS] Northpole icecavern

Godfather - Thomas Ackefjord
Godmother - Karen Campbell
Boss - Norma Thompson


Polar Bear Amazing Creature05:12

Polar Bear Amazing Creature

Please watch the movie clip above...we light up the cause for polarbears !!

The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is classified as a vulnerable species with 8 of the 19 polar bear subpopulations in decline. For decades, unrestricted hunting raised international concern for the future of the species, now the IUCN lists global warming as the most significant threat to the polar bear, primarily because the melting of its sea ice habitat reduces its ability to find sufficient food. The IUCN states, "If climatic trends continue polar bears may become extirpated from most of their range within 100 years." How sad it will be when there are no more of these magnificent creatures left on Earth because of the actions of man.

Stopping the extinction of polar bears is a cause that is close to many people's hearts and one of the reason's why Thom chose the polar bear to represent this clan. WE LIGHT THE CAUSE AGAINST THE EXTINCTION OF POLAR BEARS so why not join in the cause?


Ursus Maritimus [UMS]

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