Family, Loyalty, Honor, Strength

We pledge Loyalty, Honor to the family and each other, respect for all members, and support and guidance to our entire family.

The Black knight was a wanderer, a loner, a lost soul needing a home. He was strong but searched for others like him to strengthen him more. {TUT} was made for the black Knights of Mafia wars. We CAN stand on our own but seek the strength and security of others who game as we do. We realize it is a game but play to win for US. Each small step for every individual adds strength to the {TUT} family. We play on our own but build a force of strength, Honor, respect for our members and death for our enemies.

ALL Members of the round table MUST be added to your Mafia family and our tag MUST be worn. We do not allow multiple tags and welcome any alliances with other families that will hold true to our core beliefs. Remember, the stronger {TUT} grows the stronger we ALL are. Help grow our cause and rewards WILL follow.

This is not a FIGHTING family rather a Supporting family for those who want to enjoy the game. We will have allies to back us up if we need it. We are an Anti-Bully family.

DO NOT ATTACK OTHER TAGGED PLAYERS that is not advised. If you use the power attack on a player more than two times at a time you could be facing consequences from that player's mafia, or by a hitman.

If interested and feel this is the family for you please go to our {TUT} Recruitment application link:

ALLIANCES PLEASE JOIN THIS PAGE: Who {TUT} Tougher United Together is and What we represent

Officers & Admins:

Vic Tuten, God Father -

Dorothy Schroeder, God Mother -

Brian Myers, Regent, Asst. GF -

Native Texan, Regent Parlay Knight Envoy Diplomat Alliance -

Trevor Brown, Regent Parlay Knight Envoy Diplomat Alliance -

{TUT} Was formed on July 25, 2010 and registered the same day by Wiki.

Created By Vic Tuten and Lauri Myers.

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