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The {Wrenchy} Clan is a true mafia wars melting pot, a place where people can gather and have fun: Everything form attacks, jokes, friend requests and other forms of cheap entertainment is taking place here.

Our "{Wrenchy}'s Have fun" policy is the most important one with no mafia wars/clan politics, no rules and no alliances... thus making the clan open to everyone regardless where or what other clans they came from.

However we are a War plese do not apply unless you are ready to ice and get iced!!

P.s. Kamikaze is our middle name so forget all about your stats should you choose to enter.

[Wrenchy's Tool Shed]

P.S. We are recruiting right if you are interested please contact one of our admins (some of them are listed on our War Page/Wrenchy's Tool Shed...(the link is above).

Evil StepSister 11:09, May 25, 2010 (UTC)

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