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The PRIDE clan
Full Name: The PRIDE
Tags: {PRIDE} {~P.R.I.D.E~} {~PRIDE~} {♔PRIDE♔}
Founded: November 1, 2009
Founder(s): Lori Gamer
Key people: Den Mother (God Mother) Lori Gamer
Alpha Lion (God Father) Chris Cleasby

The Pride is a fighting clan. We are seeking dedicated daily players to join a team of loyal lion hearted mafia wars players committed to fair play and defense of the weak.

We do stand for justice… if we see an injustice we will do what we can to right it. We do stand for fair play… if our members or allies are being unfairly treated or targeted in the game, we will stand to defend them. We do strive to protect the weak against proven bullies whether those being bullied are tagged members of our clan or not.

We are a group of lion hearted players who wish to serve for the greater good of the mafia wars community.

To be eligible for tagged membership…

1. You must have a minimum mafia of 501

2. You may not be tagged with any other clan who is not an ally of the pride.

3. You must be a minimum level 300 and have a minimum of 5 times the att/def compared to your level (i.e: if you are level 300, you would be required to have a minimum of 1500 personal attack and 1500 defense).

4. You must have a mafia strength that is deemed stronger than average. Being that these numbers change rapidly as the game evolves, please contact the GM or GF for the most current mafia strength standards for your given level.

5. You are required to complete our application form so we can evaluate you as a possible new recruit and determine which Pride tag you will be eligible for.

6. If you are accepted as a member you will be expected to tag immediately so be sure you have saved up enough reward points for the name change. DO NOT TAG UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN GRANTED THE WRITTEN PERMISSION TO DO SO BY THE GM or GF of The PRIDE. You will also be expected to have skype, microphone and speakers or headphones, as we use both skype text messaging and skype voice conference calls for communication during wars and clan for meetings.

7. Our leaders are volunteers who work hard and sacrifice much of their own game play to help run this clan. No matter how your opinions may differ, do show them the respect they deserve. Failure to have respect for our leadership and failure to abide by the rules and policies of the pride will result in termination and will be banned from re-joining! Every clan has a system and a set of rules by which they abide. The Pride's rules, policies, and system of governance are as they are for a reason. If you do not agree to them, then do not join us.

8. Please only request to join this clan if you are a daily player, and active fighter.

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