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The Outlaws
The Outlaws
Full Name: The Outlaws
Tags: [Outlaws] and [Outlaws X]
Founded: July, 2009
Founder(s): Ole Femmy Larsen
Headquarters: We don't talk about that
Area served: The Zynga Universe
Key people: Joyce Hinson, Godmother
Members: English-speaking Mafia Wars addicts around the world
Website: Fan Page
Boot Camp

[Outlaws] and [Outlaws X] are tags of the international Mafia Wars clan called The Outlaws. We are a non-warring clan with a focus on helping fellow members improve their Mafia Wars character, and creating friendships based on our common interest in the game.

Family is important. Friends are important, too.

We are not associated with the [Outlaws Immortal] clan or the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

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