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The Oriental Mafia War Clan
The Oriental Mafia War Clan
Full Name: The Oriental Mafia War Clan
Tags: [神]
Founded: April 3, 2009
Headquarters: 黑社會中央, 108 天龍道
Website: Main

Everybody want to start their own clan, so we came up with the awesome idea that we all can share with our same but different Chinese or Kanji tag, that set us apart from all other Clan that just use the English Alphabet alone. This clan is for those who enjoy Mafia Wars and are in love with Chinese Calligraphy!

We all belong to the clan of [神] yet we input different tag [*神] that is unique to us. Like our race, we Chinese/Oriental are everywhere across the globe in every country but we can still be united in blood and culture. However, we also remain individual who don’t follow any orders, we are our own bosses, every member is his own boss.

In addition, we help each other out and provide information and assistance. Gathering information, intelligence and sharing experiences are all crucial factors of the game, those ignorant will not fair well, as Sun-Tzu military quote goes "know thy self and know thy enemy, thou shall win all wars!"


We want to become big and invincible as an Individual as well as a Clan, not by being a clan of bullies, but by being a clan of protectors. We don't go as a clan and bang on individuals, and at present we try to avoid at all cost inter-clan confrontation, instead we are looking to build strong alliances with all big clans. As in our Chinese/Oriental Root, yes even in a Mafia War game, we honor peace as our traditional saying goes 以和爲貴.

The purpose of this clan is for us to develop friendship through the same gaming interest and for us to be able to hold hands and grow our characters in the safety of a group, our clan. Jean Piaget, a famous psychologist, believed that our real-life behavior more than often are reflected in our gaming characteristic and habits...and 'this game' could become a useful tool for us to analyze our own emotions, weaknesses and strengths.

That all members are also founders...and we can be proud of building this great clan, together...all of us. Like the great US President JFK once said, for us All to be Great, don’t just ask what the Clan can do for you, but what you can do for your Clan!

Our search is for perfection, to be the best of the best, apotheosis, 神 a deity like ability, best of the Top Mafia! So come and be part of our [神] legend today! The One and Only the Original Oriental Mafia War Clan!

爭 霸 武 林!
統 一 江 湖!
神幫 萬歲! 萬歲 萬萬歲!

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