ϯ ŦΛ ϯ Templar Assassins ŦΛ

“Audentes Fortuna Iuvat” “Fortune Favors the Brave”


You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify and join. We are a family group that protects their own. We are here to have fun and share gaming tips. Most of all we are here to have fun and make friends playing the game we love ! Mafia Wars.


1. Please add all Admins and Officers, as you will need to contact them throughout your game.

ϯ ŦΛ ϯ ~Templars Court~Recruitment and Social Page~ ŦΛ

2. Please take the time to read through our discussion board,

ϯ ŦΛ ϯ ~Templars Court~Discussion Board~ ŦΛ 

] prior to contacting an Admin on game advice as information on most aspects of the game can be found within the topics.

3. Please contact an Admin if you wish to join in the fun in our skype chat room.

4. Please take the time to consider joining as a Tagged Member.

If you are not yet tagged with ϯ ŦΛ ϯ we cannot help with bully assists and you will not be able reap the full benefits of the group.

TAGGING WITH ϯ ŦΛ ϯ (alternative tag to be used for religious reasons only ŦΛ ).

Everyone is welcome to Tag with ϯ ŦΛ ϯ

although this decision should not be taken lightly.


1. Apologies but we do not allow dual tags.

2. You must get both Regents (Godfather / Godmother) approval prior to tagging with ϯ ŦΛ ϯ.

3. Create a skype account as most clan activity is carried out through the Templar Assassins Den chat room.

(this is easy to install and doesn't cost anything)

An Admin can help you through this process.

4. Be active in assisting clan members and in clan activities whenever possible.

5. Please follow the link below to the appropriate discussion board topic.

Request to Join ϯ ŦΛ ϯ

6. Once approved for Tagging via private message on facebook, please contact an Admin who will verify authorization by the Regents (GF/GM) to do so.

7. The Regents will inform the Admin of your new mafia wars name

ϯ ŦΛ ϯ mafia wars names consist of the tag and rank appropriate to yourself.

8. They will then help you through the process of purchasing your new name in the marketplace

(cost of Tagging in the marketplace is 15 RP).

DO NOT apply the ϯ ŦΛ ϯ or ŦΛ tag to your MW name without guidance from an Admin.

Once Tagged you will then be sent an invite to the appropriate ϯ ŦΛ ϯ pages.

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Templar Assassins
Full Name: Templar Assassins
Tags: ϯ ŦΛ ϯ


Website: ϯ ŦΛ ϯ ~Templars Court~ ŦΛ

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