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The Southern Elite Mafia [Š‡₤‡щ]

"Everyone is South of Somewhere" so unless your Santa you are welcome to join. We are a fighting family but not a war clan. We enjoy getting together via our own voice server and having a good time. And since we are a WorldWide family, there is normally always somebody on.

If you have an interest in joining, feel free to click on the Recruitment link below and/or send me a Facebook friend request and message.

Hope you join, if so, we'll see you here, but if not, we'll see you on the fight list. (evil little grin).


Kyle Troxtell aka [SEM][GF] RepoMan

Lolly Cakes aka [SEM][GM] Lolly{S[Š‡₤‡щ]O}Cakes"

Robbie Etters aka [SEM][GF] Ðiяty●●DΞΞDŠ"

SEM Pages Found Here:

Fan, Friend, Foe and War Page

Drive Byes Always Welcome

SEM Recruitment Page

MW Family Profile Link

Got a Complaint against a SEM member, send it here.

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