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Some Peoples Asses Need Kicking

ΞЅPãΝΚΞ is here...prepare to bend over and take it!

Welcome to The House of ΞЅPãΝΚΞ We fight hard, and we fight fair....


We are a clan who loves to have fun and fight. Nothing more Nothing less.

We live by the fair play agreement, one ice and move on if no retribution.Otherwise, the SPANKING will continue until one party gives up or we get bored lol.

This game is just fun for us, we hold no malice unless malice is brought to our doorstep. We are drama free and all derogatory and demeaning statements will be removed along with the membership of any violator.

We do hit tagged members but only under the fair play agreement rules. Anyone is free to hit back, and it is expected which brings us to this: No whining in the House of SPANK please, we don't need anymore we get enough at home!

All said, lets have a blast and all are welcome to come "get your SPANK on!"

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