-R.I.P.-We are a loyal fight Clan that specializes in fair Mafia Wars game play. Authentic, strategic and organized, our dedicated fighters incorporate ethical fair game play standards with integrity. {R.I.P.} is a unified family that demands that our players adhere to strict guidelines set forth by our GF and GM as a means to protect and guide each member with absolute dignity and respect.

Our Motto is STRENGTH AND HONOR. Every member of our clan upholds this core value with absolute integrity. It is to be posted proudly on your profile page.

TAGGED BENEFITS: Additionally, if you tagged yourself as {R.I.P.}, it means that each member is entitled to the following benefits to help you become a stronger player such as: clever game strategies and tips, a global camaraderie for fight protection and additional Alliance protection. Ultimately the rewards in return are a fun, challenging game play.

WAR: To serve your family or Alliance in War is considered an honor. With that in mind, each player is REQUIRED to participate in any war on behalf of our family.

No War is to be declared on any of your {R.I.P.} Members without prior consent from the Player to whom you are declaring war on.

Our Fighting Spirit is unparalleled and is deeply committed to excellence, therefore; We Act as One, Think as One and Fight as One.

REPUTATION: The reputation of our {R.I.P.} family is an absolute priority to all members; therefore, strict adherence to the guidelines of fair game play will be honored in regards to the game and our Alliances. Insubordination to our policies/procedures will be dealt with accordingly.

ADMINS: Every member is obligated to communicate directly with ANY Admin in regards to any unforeseen outside clan/alliance issues or member issues. Any such issues are the sole responsibility of the Admin team to address and any member attempting to negotiate outside of the clan policies will be immediately removed.

We strive for excellence in mutual respect, communication, great gamesmanship and above all else to genuinely enjoy playing the game together as ONE!

To join please contact one of our Admin staff. War Page: {R.I.P.} Blackheart Arena of Death

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