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Psycho Ward 51
Full Name: PSYCHO WARD 51
Tags: [P51]
Website: War page]
Psycho Ward 51 is a Mafia Wars Asylum, formed for the shear blood sport of attacking and robbing whoever we choose. Our elite band of insane bastards hunt and kill in unison like a pack of rabid wolves. The Psycho Ward houses the craziest attack and hit squad on Mafia Wars, so beware of our tag! If you see three or more players with our tag hitting you at once, that means you have really pissed someone off! So lay down, be still, and take the beating you deserve. Psycho Ward 51 contains inmates who are willing to put it all on the line to take down even the biggest bullies through the power of strength and volume. PHILOSOPHY 101 for PSYCHO WARD 51: Those in the Psycho Ward understand that nothing is ever resolved peacefully. Therefore, we attack first, attack again, then attack some more.

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