NO DRAMA ~ JUST TARGETS (under new management since May 2010)

[Ψ] Poseidon is an elite Mafia Wars clan that specializes in organized “friendly” wars and avoids fights over personal issues and principles. Poseidon members (“Forks” and “Forkers”) come from all walks of life and locations around the world, but share a common vision: Mafia Wars combat should be friendly and fun!

[Ψ] Poseidon has an organized approach to clan warfare, including a private chat room for coordinating attacks. Poseidon members are active, diverse and strong; creating a fast-paced, dynamic war-room environment and enabling Poseidon to battle (“fork”) a variety of clans. Poseidon members also retain the freedom to define their own play. Poseidon has no alliances and therefore there are no restrictions on the Fight List, Hit List or Robbing Targets.

Please monitor the Poseidon War Page for a while and you will see many active Forks, Fork friends dropping by, and good-natured, fun-spirited conversation. Just as important, you will not see insults, criticism or complaints arising from Forkers. At Poseidon, we really do live our motto: No Drama… just targets!

Poseidon is always looking for new members who share our vision and meet certain requirements. If you are interested in becoming a Fork, please complete the Poseidon Recruitment Form

Prospective applicants will be notified of the actual requirements and/or invited to our private recruiting chat room after they contact us. An email address for an invitation is required but rest assured that is the only thing your email address will be used for.

We look forward to hearing from you. Until then, happy forking!

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