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Full Name: Ophidians
Tags: [◣◢]
Website: Main

"The Ophidians are a snake like race with huge (approx 10 meters in length) serpentine bodies but unlike snakes they also have two long hands with five fingers each. They are ruled by a council of elders called the Patriarchs. The Ophidians true nature is warlike and violent, yet the majority of the race believes they need to subdue their savage instincts. Quick to anger the Ophidians easily response with violence when they are insulted or challenged. The Ophidians are cruel creatures and deadly in battle. A full grown Ophidian can rip a man to pieces with his bare hands. They also have sharp talons on their fingers and venomous teeth which can be used to paralyse and kill an opponent. Most of the weapons used by Ophidians are poisoned, from swords and daggers to the bullets used by the Sydions" -

We are a new clan in Mafia Wars named "Ophidians" with the tag [◣◢]. We have started recruiting. If you would like to join us, please fill in the form and send us an email or post in the "Recruitment Application" thread. We will contact you.

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