NRINC warpage

^NRInc [^NoRulzIncorporated]Edit

We will protect our clan member and family, if proven to be a worthy fighter we will gear you up and make you be the best fighter you can be in Mafia Wars. You have to do your part too! If you want all we have to offer, you will have to work for it by seeking out a mentor to train with, and participating on our discussion boards, fan page and Skype sessions. Keep yourself involve in clan activities and earn some recognition.

The ultimate goal of this group is to train and equip fighters who loves to fight.

[N®Іис] Army fighters to defend our friends, family and allies in the game.

If you're new here, take some time to review the discussion topics, fill up the application form to tag, and wait for a tagging officer's approval. Failure to follow these steps may disqualify you from tagging or be under attack by our fighters.

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