✪NINJA†AssAssiN™✪ is a group in MW that help each other to get stronger each day. We are not a bully clan and we do what is best for each members in our clan. We prefer peace and sort things out nicely but if war is inevitable, we show no fear, no mercy and will strike with our deadliest force to our enemies and bring glory to our clan.

Below are the five codes of conduct that every ninja must follow to stay in the community.

1. Loyalty is the prime concern in our clan. All members of ✪NINJA†AssAssiN™✪ must put their entire heart in it and serve their best for the benefits of the clan. Traitors will be dealt without mercy. 2. Rules are just as important in every clan. As such, all members are urged to abide by all the rules in our clan and obey the leaders' command to ensure the smooth flow of the clan being run by the admins. 3. Courtesy- As part of the clan, you must show respect and politeness to those of higher ranking than you; admins and high rank officers. 4. No retreating in any wars; clan wars. We fight with honour and courage to bring glory to our clan. 5. Honesty is important in our clan. Members are to tell nothing but ONLY the truth when asked to confront the officers or admins regarding any issues.

If u wish to join then please join our clan page! If you dont know how to tag then the instructions are on our discussions board!

Hope we see you soon

Pius Ng and Alex Francis

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